Protocol Designer

Generate basic protocols for the OT-2 without code
Liquids and labware

Choose from a library of common labware. Define and track your reagents and samples.

Simple liquid handling

Build complex protocols from simple liquid handling commands.

Advanced pipetting controls

Fine-tune your OT-2 performance with control of pipetting speed and technique

open protocol designer

Is the Protocol Designer right for me?

The Protocol Designer is the easiest way to start writing your own basic protocols.

With its point-and-click interface, you can quickly create dilutions, plate mappings, and other common protocols -- no coding required.

We recommend most new users start here, and then explore the Opentrons API when looking for advanced and custom functionality such as CSV mapping and embedded conditional logic.

Please note:
At this time Protocol Designer must be accessed using Chrome Browser to function correctly.
featuresprotocol designerpython api
Intuitive drag and drop graphical interface
Visual labware and liquid management
Ability to customize pipetting technique
Opentrons Standard Labware
Custom Labware
Opentrons Modules
CSV Import
User Defined Variables and Conditional Logic

Start designing now