Two options for creating your first protocol

Protocol Designer
difficulty: easy

Use the Opentrons Protocol Designer BETA tool to generate simple protocols to run on your OT-2. No coding knowledge required!

file type: json
compatibility: OT-2

The Protocol Designer is currently in beta, but contains all the features you need to instruct simple transfers from source to destination plates, mix, pause - along with more advance options like tip positioning, serialization, well order control and much more.

Protocol Library & Python API

For more complex protocols and workflows, use the Opentrons API to generate protocols using the Python coding language. Get unlimited customization, flexibility and control.

file type: python
compatibility: ot-one & ot-2

If you need more flexibility and control in designing your workflows, this option is for you. We recommend that you choose this path if you are comfortable with Python.

Lets compare some features and capabilities

protocol designerpython api
Intuitive drag and drop graphical interface
Visual labware and liquid management
Ability to customize pipetting technique
Opentrons Standard Labware
Custom Labware
Opentrons Modules
CSV Import
User Defined Variables and Conditional Logic

*Note: Protocol Designer JSON Files and Opentrons API Python files are not compatible

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Curious what's possible using the Opentrons API?

Read the Opentrons API Documentation to start writing and editing your own Python protocols.

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