Lab automation has never been easier

The OT-2 can automate hundreds of life science protocols and workflows. If you can manually pipette it, you can automate it with OT-2.

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Fast, Accurate, Precise

Precision engineered so you can reproduce your results quickly and accurately, every time.
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Flexibility For Your Lab

Swap modules, customize volume definitions, and adapt protocols to run exactly the experiment you want.

Open The Possibilites

Tinker, hack, or get under the hood of our robot—or don't. Our open-source hardware and software are user-friendly either way.

User-friendly software

Click and drag graphical interface lets you design and run your own protocols in minutes.

Modular hardware

Expand your robot’s capabilities with swappable on-deck modules.

Thermocycler Module: Fully automate thermocycler throughput quickly and easily

Magnetic Module: Automate magbead-based protocols

Temperature Module: Keep reagents at a constant temperature from 4-95°C

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Software For Success

A suite of software tools to help you automate your workflow from end-to-end—including a Protocol Designer, Protocol Library, Labware Library, Labware Creator, and Python API.
Wifi Enabled

Use What You Have

Opentrons sells verified labware and tips engineered & verified for maximum accuracy—but if you already have labware you like, you can use that, too. We just can’t verify it.

Full Specifications

Number of deck slots11 (plus permanent trash)
Number of pipette mounts2
SpeedFills a 96-well plate in 20 seconds
AccuracyAccurate down to 384-well plates
ConnectivityWiFi 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n, USB 2.0
Dimensions63cm x 57cm x 66cm
Power requirements110-250 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Weight40 kg

Ready for Opentrons in your lab?

Labs in over 40 countries trust Opentrons to help automate their workflows. We offer 60-day risk-free returns & flexible payment options.